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Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm back from the dead

Hello John and Jacque Might as well speak directly to you two since you are the only people who read my crap. ) Feel free to comment. I think there is a link to post a comment on here somewhere. As John may have mentioned I am supernaturally lazy. NASA is working on a test to prove I am alive. )

Yes Jacque there is a Tony. Some may say that is quite unfortunate. I have been a burden on John for many a year and he will testify to that. But in the same breath I must mention he has been a pain in my ass too. )

I am sure he has reported several stories of a disturbing nature about me. Well I am here to set the story straight.....they are all true. We call it going for the funny. Basically nothing is sacred to John and I. We can joke about anything as I am sure he has demonstrated. But what is life without laughter?

Gonna cut this short. Just thought I'd say hello.

Your Droog



Blogger jacquelynn said...

much like the M&M commercial "they do exist" i am also much to real lol. and i agree whole heartedly that john is a pain in the ass. ten years ive known that one and you were a fig newton of my imagination till what, this month? so lazy man, if im going to bother to read your rants, im going to have to demand that you post more frequently. i mean come on, as your new and only reader i deserve more lol.

2:50 AM  

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