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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

World in general

Welcome to my first attempt to blog. Forgive me for any mistakes I make along the way. I have created this site to vent on everyday events that make me mad...ah who am I kidding....pisses me off. I may upset alot of people along the way but that is what our freedoms are based on, the right to disagree. I love a good arguement. I subscribe to the belief that if its funny, then its not morally wrong. Thank you Droog John for that bit of wisdom.

I woke up this morning made my coffee and lit up a cigarette then began to puruse the daily news. Damn our values are down the crapper. Who gives a damned about how happy actors and actresses are in their marriage? I rather read about our friends, spouses, family, ect.... fighting in Iraq. I mean if Brad Pitt can't keep it in his pants so what? There are men and womeen out there dying for a country who hasn't known our freedom. Now realize that about this war. Sadam couldn't do a damn thing to conquer America. He just doesn't have the power. We could bomb his ass back to the stoneage. So we aren't protecting our freedoms in this war. I will admit that part of it is for oil. If you drive a car or even have electricity in your home you are part of it. So don't get out the posters for the rally.

There is however another reason we are there. A country of people, who are flesh and blood like us, was living in terror under a madman. He ruled with predjudice and murder. Anyone who opposed him was tortured and put to death. Women were raped and children were orphaned. Could we allow it to go on? This reason may be secondary, but it is still there. We have to learn to separate the many reasons and apply our common sense. We are our brother's keeper my Droogs.

Well thats an intro. Take care of you and yours.

In friendship

Your droog Tony


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