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Thursday, June 09, 2005

What we need

I kinda been going through my bag of beliefs and decided to set down a few for ya.

1. We need a woman President. After all these years of men in charge we really do need a new prespective on our problems. I think women have better problem solving skills than men. Its just a fact of our species. In primitive times men assumed the defense and hunting roles while the women managed what was supplied. Therefore they developed problem solving the more advanced situations. Plus women can be more compassionate than men. The problem is that that the majority of other countries are ran by men. A woman would have problems gaining respect in the male dominated world of politics.

2. Oil is overrated. Besides being a major contributor to pollution, it is a very limited resource. We need to really focus here. We have other choices but they need to be developed to be practical. I don't like hybrid cars because we need to break away from oil use completely. Solar energy is not reliable. Natural gas is along the same lines as oil in its limited supply. I do like the plant based fuel alternatives. In my younger days I ran on whiskey so why can't my car? But automobiles are only a faction of the equation. We use oil for so many other things. So we will need alternatives on a case by case basis.

3. Race doesn't matter. Give it a break people. Let me be basic. My heart can be donated to a black or oriental person and it will work. Our blood is the same. We need to drink and eat to live. We have the same weaknesses. So the only difference is pigmintation and that is due to our position on the globe. So give it a break. We are alll people.

4. Space travel. There are far to many benefits not to do it. The biggest one in my mind is knowledge. We could really use more place to colonoze too. There are far too many reasons to do it than I could list here. Yes it will cost money but it could bring us closer together as a world. Borders are far to limiting. We need a global view.

5. Proper natural resource management. I am talking plants and animals. Nature is full of wonder and we need to preserve it my Droogs. I believe in hunting but it needs the regulations it has. Hunting is necessary because as we expanded our civilization we eliminated the predators that kept animals in healthy numbers. So the people who hunt help solve a problem the we ALL created including the people of Peta. Hey they own homes that used to be area of habitat. So the blood is on yer hands too.

6. We need fewer lawyers. Too many of the unscrupulous types appear on ads encouraging people to sue. Law suits don't harm companies as much as we think. They just pass it on to the consumer. Yes smoking causes cancer. Yes fast food makes you fat. Yes a drug will affect a certain number of people negatively. So how about you just quit using it? Get your friends to quit. If there isn't a market then the company will lose. Simple as that. Good luck on the cigarettes cuz I do love my smokes. )

7. Stop with the scare in the media. I hate the sensationalism in the made for TV movies. What if Yellowstone erupts? What if the bomb was dropped? What if terrorists did this? What if radioactive monkies come flying out of yer ass? Life is hard enough without the media scaring the crap out of us at every turn. They take a theory and sensationalize it for the sake of filling 2 hours of TV. Yet they scare people and give them something else to worry about. I remember when I was young and we were treated with all the nuclear horror movies such as "The Day After". No wonder Prozac sells so good.

8. Ah the media again. Stars should keep there opinions to theirselves. I do not give a crap what they think about. Some of them are quite shallow anyway. Besides they are rich and don't deal with the problems average people deal with. So shut up.

9. Education. We need to pay attention to our children's needs. They need the skills to manage the world after we have passed into history. There is no excuse for a child not being able to read. Its not the kids fault, its the world at large. We let them fall through the cracks and then offer no hope. Heads out of yer ass people. The world will still be hear when we are dead and gone.

10. Laughter. We as a world take things too serious, well the wrong things that is. There is NO way to go through life without offending someone. So we need to all grow a sense of humor.

Well thats just a few of my ideas my Droogs.

Until next time....

In friendship

Your Droog Tony


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