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Monday, June 13, 2005

Passing the buck

Today's service is the worst I ever seen. Now this isn't a reflection on my blog host cuz they have been good so far, but I have encountered many examples.

My main complaint at the moment is City of Heros, a multiplayer online game. Recently they issued a patch that caused conflicts with my brand of graphics card. ATI stepped up with a fix to comply with City of Heros. THis was followed by yet another patch that made my card wonky again. Now City of Heros knows about this issue and I wrote them iquiring about when they will fix it. Their response was to pass the blame onto me. They made me run a DXdiagnostic to make sure my card was running properly. I passed the test too. They have yet to respond to that.

THis is just a current issue that I am facing. In the past I have had to face off with ISPs, othe online games, and the business which designed my computer. In each case I have proven that the issue was not of my making. Eventually I got the problem fixed but not without hours of debate.

I am not the only one facing poor service either. My mother has had issues with her car lease, cellular phones, the home she bought, and medical supplies. All of them being due to errors on their part. The home one is ongoing and the place where she bought it declared bankruptcy, so she had to deal with the manufacturer directly with no results.

My wife had to deal with bill collectors after a person with her same first name. In a one in a million chance she got a cell phone number that was closed out by this deadbeat who shared only her first name. When the number was reactivated the collectors pounced on her. It took closing the account to get relief.

In an age of such technological advancement we should have excellent sevice, yet the machines can't eliminate the wild card, human error. People need to get their head out of their asses and do their jobs. Its just plain laziness that causes all their problems, or worse yet greed.

As far as my issues with City of Heros, the company is at a disadvantage. Even though I enjoy their product, my life does not depend on having it. If they keep up their laziness I will simply close down the account and go on with my life. More money for me and less for them.

End bitching transmission.....



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