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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Life or nothing like it

Nostalgia kick going on in my house. The wife has taken to watching the Dukes of Hazard on CMT. I am not going to lie to ya my Droogs, I was a big fan of the Dukes in my younger days, but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. You ever feel that rush of embarassment when you realize how dopey something you used to love is? Well she likes it and who am I to interfere in the ways of a woman? Actually I am sorta getting into it for the sheer childish joy.

We enjoyed our nightly dose of Duke goodness and were preparing to head off to Nod when the next show began. The haunting melody of Ode to Billie Joe waffed from the TV. Oh joy the movie based on the song began. Yes the mega hit from the mind of Jethro Bodeine was appearing before me as reminder that people smoked way to much dope and wore bell bottoms in the 70's. Yet, being the loving husband and stupid hick in me, sat through it.

For those of you not familiar with this cinema masterpiece, it is based on a 1967 hit song song by Bobby Gentry. It has a Romeo and Juliette theme to it, except that Billy "Romeo" Joe gets sodomized in a very unchristian like manner by none other than Roscoe P. Coletraine. Kinda solves the mystery of how Roscoe kept his job when he couldn't catch the Dukes.

Now I must admit that getting the pounding from Roscoe would make me consider the high dive. I am also perplexed by the idea of him behind poor Billy doing that goofy laugh and saying "I love it! I love it!". This movie and Deliverance are the main reasons I won't drive down old country roads. I also have an unnatural fear of banjo music.

I went on the net and searched for the song lyrics and to my surprise the song has a big following. There is alot of debate about the lyrics meanings. Number one the lyrics never mention Billy getting cornholed by Roscoe or any other man. So Max Bauer Jr. and the guy who adapted the song added it, which supports my fear of going down dirt roads. There is also a line in the song where Billy and the girl of his dreams throw something off the bridge. This is the basis of many a net groups discussion of what they threw off. Many say it was their baby. People have too much time on their hands. But not to be left out I have formed some theories too.

1. The movie script. Possibly but it would've been better served as "reading" in the outhouse.

2. Cow chips. Hewy they were hicks.

3. Their careers. Acting in this movie simulates it.

In summary, it was just a song and a crap movie. So best move on. Remember to lock yer bedroom doors tonight cuz Roscoe may be a hankerin for some more action my Droogs.

In friendship

Your Droog Tony


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