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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I knew Lovecraft

Oh secret darkness in wait
Tearing away at lost faith
The monster I know is inside
A special place it resides
Give me Elder Sign on my heart
Let the nameless ones tear me apart
I am one with beneath the sea
I ask no one to rescue me
Hell is a playground of my youth
And lost to me is the holy truth
I am the silence beneath you
I am the scream that is true
The eons past made me so
And the black ink inside me grows
I knew him the man who spoke the word
I was there and I heard
I did my part
And all I could
And was there to hark
Cthulu was misunderstood

Monday, September 05, 2005

Reflections of a young old man

I have reached an age where I can reflect a little. I am at that point where it ain't up all the time but it doesn't surprise me when it does; )

I stepped further into the technical age by purchasing me a MP3 Player. Damn I remember 8 tracks and now we don't even see the music playing. As my friends can vouch for me my tastes run the gambit when it comes to music, movies, TV, food, ect. I am hard to label. When iwas young I loved heavy metal. Just ask my neighbors. ) Now country has worked its way into the line up and some rap. I even now fall asleep listening to classical music.

I get stuck on songs too. Ones that I habitually listen to over and over. Right now its Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby MacGee" and Waylon Jennings "Luckenbach Texas". I have no idea why either.

Me and Bobby MacGee got me to thinking. I feel its about being in love and doing stuff for all the wrong reasons but having fun doing it. I think everyone has had a relationship like that. Where yer young and stupid but tomorrow is so far away. Sometimes the police are involved and sometimes their not. Whatever it is it leaves you with a special feeling for the idea of being with that person. Yet you know if you went back it would be hollow. So you just remember it and move on.

I moved on to better things myself. My wife has been such a blessing. She offers me those good times and so much more. I can't imagine a day without her.

Well now I best get back to my musings. Take care

Your Droog


Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm back from the dead

Hello John and Jacque Might as well speak directly to you two since you are the only people who read my crap. ) Feel free to comment. I think there is a link to post a comment on here somewhere. As John may have mentioned I am supernaturally lazy. NASA is working on a test to prove I am alive. )

Yes Jacque there is a Tony. Some may say that is quite unfortunate. I have been a burden on John for many a year and he will testify to that. But in the same breath I must mention he has been a pain in my ass too. )

I am sure he has reported several stories of a disturbing nature about me. Well I am here to set the story straight.....they are all true. We call it going for the funny. Basically nothing is sacred to John and I. We can joke about anything as I am sure he has demonstrated. But what is life without laughter?

Gonna cut this short. Just thought I'd say hello.

Your Droog


Monday, June 13, 2005

Passing the buck

Today's service is the worst I ever seen. Now this isn't a reflection on my blog host cuz they have been good so far, but I have encountered many examples.

My main complaint at the moment is City of Heros, a multiplayer online game. Recently they issued a patch that caused conflicts with my brand of graphics card. ATI stepped up with a fix to comply with City of Heros. THis was followed by yet another patch that made my card wonky again. Now City of Heros knows about this issue and I wrote them iquiring about when they will fix it. Their response was to pass the blame onto me. They made me run a DXdiagnostic to make sure my card was running properly. I passed the test too. They have yet to respond to that.

THis is just a current issue that I am facing. In the past I have had to face off with ISPs, othe online games, and the business which designed my computer. In each case I have proven that the issue was not of my making. Eventually I got the problem fixed but not without hours of debate.

I am not the only one facing poor service either. My mother has had issues with her car lease, cellular phones, the home she bought, and medical supplies. All of them being due to errors on their part. The home one is ongoing and the place where she bought it declared bankruptcy, so she had to deal with the manufacturer directly with no results.

My wife had to deal with bill collectors after a person with her same first name. In a one in a million chance she got a cell phone number that was closed out by this deadbeat who shared only her first name. When the number was reactivated the collectors pounced on her. It took closing the account to get relief.

In an age of such technological advancement we should have excellent sevice, yet the machines can't eliminate the wild card, human error. People need to get their head out of their asses and do their jobs. Its just plain laziness that causes all their problems, or worse yet greed.

As far as my issues with City of Heros, the company is at a disadvantage. Even though I enjoy their product, my life does not depend on having it. If they keep up their laziness I will simply close down the account and go on with my life. More money for me and less for them.

End bitching transmission.....


Thursday, June 09, 2005

What we need

I kinda been going through my bag of beliefs and decided to set down a few for ya.

1. We need a woman President. After all these years of men in charge we really do need a new prespective on our problems. I think women have better problem solving skills than men. Its just a fact of our species. In primitive times men assumed the defense and hunting roles while the women managed what was supplied. Therefore they developed problem solving the more advanced situations. Plus women can be more compassionate than men. The problem is that that the majority of other countries are ran by men. A woman would have problems gaining respect in the male dominated world of politics.

2. Oil is overrated. Besides being a major contributor to pollution, it is a very limited resource. We need to really focus here. We have other choices but they need to be developed to be practical. I don't like hybrid cars because we need to break away from oil use completely. Solar energy is not reliable. Natural gas is along the same lines as oil in its limited supply. I do like the plant based fuel alternatives. In my younger days I ran on whiskey so why can't my car? But automobiles are only a faction of the equation. We use oil for so many other things. So we will need alternatives on a case by case basis.

3. Race doesn't matter. Give it a break people. Let me be basic. My heart can be donated to a black or oriental person and it will work. Our blood is the same. We need to drink and eat to live. We have the same weaknesses. So the only difference is pigmintation and that is due to our position on the globe. So give it a break. We are alll people.

4. Space travel. There are far to many benefits not to do it. The biggest one in my mind is knowledge. We could really use more place to colonoze too. There are far too many reasons to do it than I could list here. Yes it will cost money but it could bring us closer together as a world. Borders are far to limiting. We need a global view.

5. Proper natural resource management. I am talking plants and animals. Nature is full of wonder and we need to preserve it my Droogs. I believe in hunting but it needs the regulations it has. Hunting is necessary because as we expanded our civilization we eliminated the predators that kept animals in healthy numbers. So the people who hunt help solve a problem the we ALL created including the people of Peta. Hey they own homes that used to be area of habitat. So the blood is on yer hands too.

6. We need fewer lawyers. Too many of the unscrupulous types appear on ads encouraging people to sue. Law suits don't harm companies as much as we think. They just pass it on to the consumer. Yes smoking causes cancer. Yes fast food makes you fat. Yes a drug will affect a certain number of people negatively. So how about you just quit using it? Get your friends to quit. If there isn't a market then the company will lose. Simple as that. Good luck on the cigarettes cuz I do love my smokes. )

7. Stop with the scare in the media. I hate the sensationalism in the made for TV movies. What if Yellowstone erupts? What if the bomb was dropped? What if terrorists did this? What if radioactive monkies come flying out of yer ass? Life is hard enough without the media scaring the crap out of us at every turn. They take a theory and sensationalize it for the sake of filling 2 hours of TV. Yet they scare people and give them something else to worry about. I remember when I was young and we were treated with all the nuclear horror movies such as "The Day After". No wonder Prozac sells so good.

8. Ah the media again. Stars should keep there opinions to theirselves. I do not give a crap what they think about. Some of them are quite shallow anyway. Besides they are rich and don't deal with the problems average people deal with. So shut up.

9. Education. We need to pay attention to our children's needs. They need the skills to manage the world after we have passed into history. There is no excuse for a child not being able to read. Its not the kids fault, its the world at large. We let them fall through the cracks and then offer no hope. Heads out of yer ass people. The world will still be hear when we are dead and gone.

10. Laughter. We as a world take things too serious, well the wrong things that is. There is NO way to go through life without offending someone. So we need to all grow a sense of humor.

Well thats just a few of my ideas my Droogs.

Until next time....

In friendship

Your Droog Tony

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Life or nothing like it

Nostalgia kick going on in my house. The wife has taken to watching the Dukes of Hazard on CMT. I am not going to lie to ya my Droogs, I was a big fan of the Dukes in my younger days, but hindsight is 20/20 as they say. You ever feel that rush of embarassment when you realize how dopey something you used to love is? Well she likes it and who am I to interfere in the ways of a woman? Actually I am sorta getting into it for the sheer childish joy.

We enjoyed our nightly dose of Duke goodness and were preparing to head off to Nod when the next show began. The haunting melody of Ode to Billie Joe waffed from the TV. Oh joy the movie based on the song began. Yes the mega hit from the mind of Jethro Bodeine was appearing before me as reminder that people smoked way to much dope and wore bell bottoms in the 70's. Yet, being the loving husband and stupid hick in me, sat through it.

For those of you not familiar with this cinema masterpiece, it is based on a 1967 hit song song by Bobby Gentry. It has a Romeo and Juliette theme to it, except that Billy "Romeo" Joe gets sodomized in a very unchristian like manner by none other than Roscoe P. Coletraine. Kinda solves the mystery of how Roscoe kept his job when he couldn't catch the Dukes.

Now I must admit that getting the pounding from Roscoe would make me consider the high dive. I am also perplexed by the idea of him behind poor Billy doing that goofy laugh and saying "I love it! I love it!". This movie and Deliverance are the main reasons I won't drive down old country roads. I also have an unnatural fear of banjo music.

I went on the net and searched for the song lyrics and to my surprise the song has a big following. There is alot of debate about the lyrics meanings. Number one the lyrics never mention Billy getting cornholed by Roscoe or any other man. So Max Bauer Jr. and the guy who adapted the song added it, which supports my fear of going down dirt roads. There is also a line in the song where Billy and the girl of his dreams throw something off the bridge. This is the basis of many a net groups discussion of what they threw off. Many say it was their baby. People have too much time on their hands. But not to be left out I have formed some theories too.

1. The movie script. Possibly but it would've been better served as "reading" in the outhouse.

2. Cow chips. Hewy they were hicks.

3. Their careers. Acting in this movie simulates it.

In summary, it was just a song and a crap movie. So best move on. Remember to lock yer bedroom doors tonight cuz Roscoe may be a hankerin for some more action my Droogs.

In friendship

Your Droog Tony

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

World in general

Welcome to my first attempt to blog. Forgive me for any mistakes I make along the way. I have created this site to vent on everyday events that make me mad...ah who am I kidding....pisses me off. I may upset alot of people along the way but that is what our freedoms are based on, the right to disagree. I love a good arguement. I subscribe to the belief that if its funny, then its not morally wrong. Thank you Droog John for that bit of wisdom.

I woke up this morning made my coffee and lit up a cigarette then began to puruse the daily news. Damn our values are down the crapper. Who gives a damned about how happy actors and actresses are in their marriage? I rather read about our friends, spouses, family, ect.... fighting in Iraq. I mean if Brad Pitt can't keep it in his pants so what? There are men and womeen out there dying for a country who hasn't known our freedom. Now realize that about this war. Sadam couldn't do a damn thing to conquer America. He just doesn't have the power. We could bomb his ass back to the stoneage. So we aren't protecting our freedoms in this war. I will admit that part of it is for oil. If you drive a car or even have electricity in your home you are part of it. So don't get out the posters for the rally.

There is however another reason we are there. A country of people, who are flesh and blood like us, was living in terror under a madman. He ruled with predjudice and murder. Anyone who opposed him was tortured and put to death. Women were raped and children were orphaned. Could we allow it to go on? This reason may be secondary, but it is still there. We have to learn to separate the many reasons and apply our common sense. We are our brother's keeper my Droogs.

Well thats an intro. Take care of you and yours.

In friendship

Your droog Tony